• new steel spoon blades

Blacksmith Nic Westermann’s forged

wood carving tools.

Here you will find a range of the finest forged woodcarving tools, the choice of professional greenwood carvers throughout the world. You can speak to Nic at 01650 511715

On this site you will find my range of hand forged woodworking tools, my philosophy is simply to make the best tools that I am able to; everything is done in house, that way I am in full control of all the processes from start to finish.

All my carving tools are finished and sharpened to the same quality as the blades I use for my own carving. Customers often  tell me that my tools are the sharpest that they have ever used.  This is, I think, partly down to  the steel and heat treatment I use that allows me to use a fine bevel angle, partly due to the care I go to to grind the bevel accurately to suit the cuts the tool will make. This lays down the groundwork for the great edges that I achieve but obviously they will need touching up as the tools are used. For this reason I have added a sharpening section, selling all the products that I use professionally in my workshop, this way you will be able to sharpen my tools so they continue to cut as they did when new.

All my tool designs have been extensively tested before they go into production, by me and also  by a carefully selected group of woodworkers, the feedback I get from my field testers helps me greatly in my quest for better tools. I have forged a range of tools ranging from the bigger items such as axes, froes, adzes and socketed gouges however they are currently not in production as I am concentrating on keeping this site stocked with smaller greenwood carving tools such as spoon carving blades, sloyd knives and blades suitable for detail and decorative work such as chip carving.

To cope with spiralling demand I have started  wait list, when your name reaches the top you will be able to order whichever blades you want. I put the quality of my work first and foremost, nothing I make is rushed and to this end the quantity of stock that I can produce is limited.  However everything I do produce can be  proudly described as hand forged excellence.


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