Nic set up his forge 18 years ago making decorative ironwork. However over the last five years his range of woodworking tools have been so well received that the transition into toolmaking has become complete. All processes in making these tools are conducted in house by Nic, this allows the quality and consistency that have made these tools so popular to be maintained.
Nic’s tools are used by professional greenwood workers and carvers worldwide. Although forging is his preferred method of working Nic is not tied to tradition, aiming to innovate not slavishly copy old designs and techniques. If testing shows that a modern steel, technique, or method of construction will improve a tool then it will ultimately be utilised, currently though all tools on this site are forged and there is little likelihood of this changing.
The aesthetic quality of the finished tool is however also important in his work , and nowhere is this more obvious than in the beautiful axes that he forges. Currently all the  tools he makes are sold as blade only as most of his customers know the type of handle they prefer and are more than capable of making and fitting them. Demand for these tools has been so high that Nic has been unable to keep blades in stock he is now running a wait list which you are encouraged to sign up to, when you reach the top you will be able to order whichever blade you want. There is also a wide range of blog posts on the site detailing handling techniques which have proved to be a helpful resource.
Nic Westermann Blacksmith
Unit 7
Cemmaes Road
SY20 8LY
Tel: 01650 511715

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