Apologies for the infrequency of my blog posts, everyday I get  notification of new people signing up and haven’t posted in nearly a year. Most of my spare time has been spent on my other company Hewn and Hone, both in day to day running but also in developing and testing new products, I have also been developing some new tools for NW, but they are as yet unreleased, with the size of my waitlist it seems pointless to add to the product line at the moment, but the time will come.

Axes though- I damaged my shoulder nearly two years ago and although it did heal it was not really up to the production runs of axes I started doing, and although it feels fine now after a long rest I have decided not to restart production, the potential to damage myself and make it impossible to do any of my current forgings is at the back of my mind always and I kept putting off restarting axes as a result. It makes more sense to call a halt- the wait list that was held for axes will be dissolved- I don’t want to have this hanging over me and feeling that I should restart to service it. This has not been an easy decision but there was a limit to how long I could prevaricate over it, so finishing as I started, my apologies!

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