Small Sloyd carving blade


Blade 55-60mm x 10mm x2mm, price is for a one blade.

Postage options
– UK

– International Postage, only for the USA, Canada and the European Union.
If this does not apply to you please email us for a postage quote.


Out of stock


A smaller forged blade, the distal taper means that the bevels shorten towards the tip making the blade suited for concave cuts.

This blade is no longer available to buy, however a new version is available on my other company- Hewn and Hone-Turning sloyd  These blades have all been forged by me and then finished on Jigs that I have designed for Hewn and Hone. If you do make a purchase we will not be able to combine postage as these two sites are separate businesses, however it is great chance to stock up on sharpening supplies for any other blades you may purchase from this site.

Currently demand for these blades is high but we are working on stock and should soon be able to keep all the blades on Hewn and Hone in stock.

Supply of Blades and Other Edged Tools:
It is illegal for me to supply any edged tool to anyone under the age of 18, I will check the details of any order for these and if I am unable to confirm the buyers eligibility will request further proof of age.


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