Back orders are by invite only based upon the wait list.   If you have not received an email invite with your password yet, please be patient you will get an invite when you reach the top of the wait list.
If you received an email with a password this is where you use it.  Passwords are good for about 48 hours from the time the email was sent.
Please note that these items are not in stock and will be made to order. All orders taken are collated at the end of the month and then scheduled into batches as it is not viable to make blades individually, it takes approximately a month to make all batches, divide into orders, pack and put in the post.  Axe heads will no longer be offered on the site.
 If you received and invite, but were not able to place your order, please send an email to be patient, it may take a few days for me to respond, but you will not loose your opportunity to order.

If you have questions about back orders, you can contact

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