Carving axe


Please note: This head is made to order, one only per customer currently, and will be delivered upon completion.  Depending on how many axe orders are taken it may take a long as two months before orders are shipped, please be aware that if ordering other blades these may be held up as we will only ship in one package.

Tool – 150mm edge,  130 edge to poll  weight 650g .

Postage options
– UK
– International Postage, only for the USA,  Canada, AUS,  NZ and the European Union.
If this does not apply to you please email us for a postage quote.

Out of stock



A head suitable for carving with flat ground bevels, the delicate tips means that prying is not recommended. Instruction on making and fitting a handle will be supplied with the head.


More information on this head can be found in this blog post.



Supply of Blades and Other Edged Tools:
It is illegal for me to supply any edged tool to anyone under the age of 18, I will check the details of any order for these and if I am unable to confirm the buyers eligibility will request further proof of age.


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